If You’re a Female Entrepreneur, Add These 6 Podcasts to Your Phone

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Nowadays, you can find a podcast on just about anything. From dating and DIY to cooking and comedy, there is a show out there for everyone. Indeed, this relatively new medium has quickly overtaken others as one of our favorite ways to learn, grow, discover, and be entertained.

As a female entrepreneur, you will find that podcasts grant you unprecedented access to the minds of some of the world’s most successful businesswomen — and men — in a format that is digestible, easy to transport, and that fits well into your already-busy life.

With access to hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs, influencers, and creators who are redefining how we run — and manage — our own companies, these six podcast shows will help you transform your business idea into a long-lasting and successful venture.


When Women Win

When Women Win is the chart-topping podcast by Rana Nawas, a corporate-veteran-turned-strategic-advisor who, until recently, also headed up the Dubai chapter of Ellevate, the world’s oldest businesswomen’s network. Nawas knows a thing or two about what it takes to success as a woman in business, as do her guests, who share invaluable stories and practical advice on her show.

Her list of impressive interviewees includes the likes of CNN anchor and correspondent Hala Gorani; Michelle Peluso, the Chief Marketing Officer of IBM; Helen McGuire, the Co-Founder and MD of Hopscotch; and Mona Ataya, founder of Mumzworld.

When Women Win Podcast
Photo: Courtesy of When Women Win

Work Party

Hosted by Jaclyn Johnson, the founder and CEO of Create and Cultivate, Work Party chronicles the ups and downs of her career, as well as how she achieved her success. Her goal with this podcast was to create a space where entrepreneurial women could share and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The show features interviews with female founders, CEOs, and other creatives who share their top tips and tricks for succeeding as a female entrepreneur. Their straightforward, honest advice not only offers new ways of thinking but also hope that, with enough persistence, anything is possible. 

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Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso, the founder and former CEO of Nasty Gal, coined the term “girl boss”. Now, she’s interviewing other girl bosses about the lessons they’ve learned along the way. In each episode, Amoruso asks fellow female entrepreneurs about their views on topics ranging from workplace behavior to current news and politics. Their candid — and sometimes hilarious — conversations offer an in-depth glimpse into what it’s like to be a successful female entrepreneur while providing listeners with tangible ways to grow and maintain their businesses.

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No Limits

ABC News correspondent and No Limits host Rebecca Jarvis interviews women at the top of their respective fields about some of the key ways they stay ahead of their competitors. Her guests come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, providing listeners with many stories to relate to and enjoy. In every episode, you’ll learn about how each woman got her start and which decisions led her to where she is today.

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So Money

Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist and host of the So Money podcast, a show all about money and how successful people spend it. Torabi chats with influencers, authors, and top-tier business professionals about their financial journeys and strategies for accumulating wealth. This podcast is great for anyone who is looking for creative and innovative ways to fund their business and bring their dreams to fruition. During each episode, Torabi also answers listeners’ questions and offers actionable advice that you can start applying to your everyday life.

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Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, who are both the CEOs of their own companies. Thompson founded Indie Shopography while Shannon is the owner of Braid Creative and Consulting. They created Being Boss as a platform for all of the creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers who are looking to make it big. They share positive mindsets, habits, and business insights while conducting interviews with some of the top names in the start-up world.


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