A Full Moon Ritual for Setting Intentions and Releasing Negativity

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You may have heard the phrase “set your full moon intentions” and wondered what it meant. In short, the Full Moon symbolizes a monthly opportunity to cleanse your mind, body, and soul. It is a reminder that you are one with the Universe, constantly co-creating with the powers that are in alignment with your Highest Self. 

The Full Moon is a time for intention setting and ridding ourselves of all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are no longer serving us. Stagnation, negativity, fear — everything that does not serve us must be eliminated if we want to set powerful Full Moon intentions, intentions that bring us closer to our most authentic Self.

Ahead of tonight’s Full Moon, follow these six steps to tap into what it is that you truly desire for your life and to clearly see what is standing in its way.



Choose a quiet space — preferably outdoors — so you can sit under the illuminated moon. 
Gather some sheets of paper, a pen, a candle, a matchbox, and a vessel. Surround yourself with whatever it is you need to feel like you are tapping into the deepest part of yourself and create the feeling of a special ritual, whether that’s candles, incense, or crystals. 



Close your eyes and connect with your breath by performing seven rounds of 
cleansing breathing. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. With every inhale, intend to let go of your blocks. With every exhale, feel the release. 



Next, move your awareness from your breath to the energy of the earth beneath your feet. Begin to feel deeply rooted in the heart of Mother Earth, all while remaining grounded and secure. It becomes easier to release knowing that you are protected and stable.



Gently open your eyes and start the writing process as you remain aware of the moonlight shining on you. 
At the top of the sheet, write a powerful statement such as, “I am choosing to let go and release all of the blocks that come in the way of my highest good.” Follow this line with statements that clearly describe all that you choose to eliminate in your life, such as fears, traumas, memories, and limiting beliefs.



Once your list is complete, take one deep breath and tear the paper into tiny pieces to symbolize all negative energy breaking down from your being. Then, place the paper in the vessel and carefully burn the list. The rising fumes symbolize the energy of these fears and blocks flowing away from you and back into the universe, where they can transform into light and love. Once the paper 
is fully burnt, release it into the earth or the sea.



Feel your mind and body getting lighter as you slowly connect with your heart’s center. Feel gratitude and appreciation for your life. Next, visualize, imagine, and connect with the desires and goals you wish to manifest into your life. Allow these positive feelings to amplify your entire being as they infuse with the moonlight. Then, slowly open your eyes and express gratitude for the Full Moon’s energy.

Bharti Jatti Varma is a holistic therapist who conducts various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai. With a background in psychology and a keen interest in exploring the intricacies of the human mind, body, and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response, and Energy Healing Approaches. Through her personal journey of self-discovery and self-development, Bharti learnt to distance herself from any limiting beliefs and patterns that prevented her from achieving her true potential of happiness, success, and harmony in her everyday life. After experiencing first hand the amazing personal transformation she underwent, her aim was to educate others about the same. Her expertise in various approaches allows her to offer a more holistic and customizable approach while working with clients.