A Spiritual Guide to Navigating This Pandemic

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Usually, when I write an article, it is mostly geared towards a specific group of people. Today, however, this article is directed to all of you – to all of us – because what is happening is affecting us all, no matter where we come from or what we do. 

That being said, and while it is affecting us in many different ways, there are some commonalities between our experiences. Indeed, it is as if existence had pushed a pause button on the course of our lives and urged us collectively to wake up, to stop sleep walking. This may be disturbing for some, whereas it might be rewarding for others. What’s sure is that it has given us all a moment to stop and take a look inside of ourselves. The question is can we find an inner “yes” to this moment, to the now? 

For decades, we have lived our lives outside of ourselves. We have looked for happiness, pleasures, and quick fixes away from ourselves, rather than connecting with our inner world and looking closer at what really motivates us. What moves you from the inside? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Right now, we are going through a collective rebirth, and labor can be rather difficult and painful, but it is also rewarding and can usher in a new, better era. 

Read on for tips on how to navigate this time of labor, this waiting time, so that we can emerge on the other side with grace, strength, and focus.


Question Your Relationships

Surround yourself with people who can support and uplift you during this time. Ask yourself, is this person giving me energy or draining me? It doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for a friend who is feeling low. However, it is important that you direct the conversation to a constructive place rather than engaging in his or her negative state or allowing yourself to feed on fear. As one Aboriginal Elder shared, this time of isolation is a time to stay in innocence and a time to get out of the way. This is a time to create rock-solid boundaries.


Connect Differently

Take advantage of connecting with others in a different way, maybe more energetically. Indeed, we are having to distance ourselves physically, but that doesn’t mean that we have to distance ourselves socially.

I have been facilitating online workshops and family constellations during this time, and have been amazed to see how powerful the interaction between people is despite the situation. 

As another means of connection, explore the idea of taking a course, learning something new from someone else, or connecting with a specific community where you feel supported.


Keep a Routine

If you are already used to working from home, perhaps sticking to a routine comes naturally to you. If not, make sure you wake up in the morning and exercise even if you can’t go outside. There are thousands of free yoga classes and various workouts available online.  

I have an alarm on my phone that rings every two hours. Whatever I am doing, I stand up, shake my body, dance, and end with a five-minute Breath of Fire. This practice releases toxins and deposits from the lungs, moves energy, expands the lung capacity, increases vital strength, strengthens the nervous system, boosts the immune system, and much more.

Here’s a simple video to try this at home.  

A Spiritual Guide to Navigating This Pandemic

Humming is another very beneficial alchemic ritual. It clears and refreshes the throat, releases stuck energy, and calms your mind. It’s also a great stress releaser. To try it out, start by sitting straight. Close your ears with your thumbs and place your pinky fingers together on your forehead onto your brow point, also known as your third eye, with the remaining fingers resting on your forehead and temples. Inhale and, while slowly exhaling, hum with your mouth closed for as long as you can until all the air is out. Inhale and begin again. Do this for three to five minutes.


Ask Questions

Is this in my control? Yes or no? If the answer is no, what can I do differently to deal with the situation? What can I do more of to raise my vibration? What should I do less of? When I worry, feel fear or anxiety, or find myself overeating because I feel bored, is this good for me? Is it good for others? Does it serve the greater good? 


Journal Every Day

 If you’ve never journaled and feel like writing isn’t exactly your thing, here’s a very simple exercise to try. Start by drawing a line down the center of a page in your journal. In the morning, in the left column, write five intentions you have for the day. In the evening, in the right column, write five things you are grateful for that happened during the day, no matter how small or simple.


Keep Your Vibration High

If I could advise just one thing at the moment, it’s to stay away from the news; simply turn off the TV. It is a fear-projecting device that immediately lowers your vibration. Control of media consumption is key, so putting a time limit on how much of the news you watch is important.

If you have children, ensure that the news is never on when they’re around. The negative messaging can create a great amount of anxiety in young children, who don’t necessarily have the capacity to filter in the same way that we do. Indeed, news can be delivered in much gentler ways.

Instead of spending time in front of the TV, connect with nature. Whether you have a small garden, a balcony, or counter space for a few pots, connect with Mother Earth in whichever way you can, from planting herbs or flowers to sitting barefoot in the grass.

To keep your vibration high, take advantage of time with family — including playing games, dressing up, creating new dishes, baking with your children — and get creative with yourself by starting a journal, making a puzzle, sprouting your vegetables, dancing, chanting, and allowing yourself to be bored. It is through boredom that creativity can flower. 


Remember to Laugh

Isn’t it interesting that only humans know boredom? Animals are not bored, trees are not bored, rocks are not bored. They never ask what is the meaning and purpose of life. As they are, they accept it. As life is, it is accepted. The higher the intelligence of man, the greater the level of boredom. The more you think, the more you will be bored, because through thinking you can compare time as present, past, and future. Through thinking, you can hope. Through thinking, you can ask for the meaning of it all.

One way to alleviate some of those feelings is to remember to laugh. Make it a point to watch something funny or to start laughing with a friend, regardless of whether or not there is anything to laugh about. Fake it till you make it applies here; just start laughing and you might be surprised by the effect it will have on your body.


Allow Yourself to Feel

There is a big emphasis on being positive these days — staying positive, thinking positive, living positive. While I am all for this on the one hand, it is also essential to allow and validate your other emotions, including helplessness, sadness, anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear. Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. Everyone reacts differently to different situations, and it is only normal to feel stress and worry during a crisis.

I recommend that you speak with a friend or someone you trust to help you acknowledge and work through these emotions so that they don’t take control over your life. Listening to a meditation that connects you to your body and takes you away from your head can be very beneficial. Often, we become stuck in our thinking and we forget what is really happening around us. Connecting to the heart and to our breath can truly help us out of our head. Even saying a mantra can help. Here are a few to try:

I am at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

I am safe. 

I am safe, healthy, whole, and complete.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I use chants and mantras to help me balance my mind and to keep my vibration high. I leave it to you to find a mantra or a chant that suits you during this time. I also recommend that you to visit the website of 3HO or Spirit Voyage to find a meditation or a chant that serves you best. Some that stand out for me during this time are “RA MA DA SA” or “AAD GURAY NAMEH”, but there are many other very powerful ones. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, you are welcome to contact me to find out more.

With this, I wish you a beautiful time and beautiful love.

May-Britt Searty is a Holistic Health & Personal Development Coach and Family Therapist based in Dubai.