5 Questions That Will Help You Journal When You’re Stuck

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The intensity of daily life can contribute to pressure, which can dampen both body and spirit. Dullness creeps through our Being. Stress eliminates our sense of enjoyment. However, we don’t have to feel this relentless strain. Releasing our burdens through journaling provides our consciousness with a safe place to rejuvenate. The human soul yearns for wonder, love, and connection, yet we become stagnant with constant worry and stress. Journaling provides both a physical and emotional release; the words we allow to flow are like a river of burden being freed onto each page, allowing us to discover new and creative perspectives. To express oneself candidly is an opportunity for growth, change, and rebirth. The body and intellect can unwind and progress, together. 

Journaling is not only about freedom of expression — it also provides us with the ability to physically see a situation as we write it, which helps us to comprehend circumstances with more insight and clarity. Sometimes, saying something out loud — as well as writing it down— gives it a different meaning altogether. With this understanding, we have the power to change the direction of our thoughts. Below are five questions you can ask yourself while journaling that will help simplify complex issues and open your eyes to the beauty of your life.

Am I Able to Help Someone Today?

Giving back is at the center of growth and kindness. Even a thankless act of service is worth more to the heart than any checkbook amount. It’s easy to saunter through our days with only our own life in our thoughts as if we were the center of the universe. Our own complications, anxieties, and grievances drown our spiritual essence. 

Putting your own troubles aside and focusing on assisting another soul will provide benefits beyond human comprehension. Not only are you able to physically share something of yours — whether it’s your skills, money, or services — but you are also giving them the gift of kindness. There is no room for judgment in kindness; giving back to those who are struggling, even when you are struggling yourself, can create a lasting effect on everyone who is involved. To start, write down the various ways you’re able to serve others. Maybe you have a talent you can share, extra money in your wallet, or even clothes you will never wear again.

Do I Commit to Gratitude?

Thankfulness heals wounds and provides strength. At the start of every day, grab your notebook, open a page, and write about what you’re grateful for. You slept in a nice, comfy bed; you have food for breakfast; you have clean water to make coffee. The little things in life often make the biggest difference. Start the day by remembering what you have, rather than what you don’t have. 

While our mind is often focused on problems, try to consider the alternatives to your anxieties. Your car may have issues, but at least you have a car. Your significant other didn’t take out the garbage, but maybe they cleaned up dinner. Your child didn’t get an “A” in reading, but they are excelling in music class. Yin and Yang keep the Earth in balance; we must find the positives in life to prevent the negatives from taking over.

Is There an Alternative to This Situation?

If you’re feeling stuck and stranded with no direction, hopeless, miserable, or distressed, think about that exact scenario and change it with your words. Be highly descriptive and write your own narrative about something that’s bothering you. 

When we are experiencing troubles, they fester and grow into our bones. We hold on tightly to our emotions about the situation while also worrying about how it will impact our future. Thankfully, you are able to reset how your thoughts create this story. Express your issues and grievances. Then, write down what you want to happen (in an ideal situation). Talk out loud about what you wish would come to fruition. Next, write down what it would feel like to be cleared of your stress to manifest peace within yourself.

Can I Commit More to Myself?

Life can be fast and unforgiving. We forget to take the time to work on ourselves — physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Every once in a while, think about doing things for yourself. It is not selfish to take care of your mind and body; it’s a necessity if you wish to be the best version of yourself.

Every day, make goals. Write down something you can do today to improve yourself in all areas of your life. Can you visit the gym or go on a walk? Can you meditate for at least ten minutes? Can you watch an informative documentary or pick up a book instead of binge watching a TV show?

Remember, the effort you put into yourself directly influences the effort you’re able to give to others. As the saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” You must enrich your life first before you can be available to help others. 

Should I Go Outside and Play?

Nature’s influence on us is vast and limitless. Before you begin journaling, take a step outside and think about how what you feel in your body transforms into energy. Does the warm sun hitting your skin invoke a memory? Are raindrops drenching your hair, making you feel small underneath the immensity of the sky? Let Mother Nature guide your pen as you narrate the beauty that surrounds you. Take some time to appreciate the cosmos and what it has to offer you.