The Not-So-Beautiful Side of Social Media

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Gigi Hadid Social Media Phone Cover
Photo: Courtesy of @GigiHadid

The last time you checked Instagram, did you walk away from it feeling great about yourself? Inspired? Fulfilled? Or did you walk away with a sense of not being beautiful enough, fun enough, tall enough, or skinny enough?

We’re prepared to bet that, if you’re using the platform like the vast majority of women out there, the latter statement rings true for you.

Indeed, Instagram has been transformed in recent years by the birth of face-tuning apps (like Photoshop for your phone) and the rise of the social-media influencer. The app evolved to reward a certain type of behavior, and the stakes in this multi-million-dollar game became higher than ever before.

Hate it or love it, it’s impossible to deny the impact that apps like Instagram and Snapchat have had on our culture and – more importantly – our self-perception. It is this very topic that is at the heart of The Desert Mannequin’s latest podcast episode. In it, host Anum Bashir talks with Amina Mohammed, who heads up PR and communications at Farfetch Middle East, and Goodness’ very own co-founder Noor Tehini about beauty standards in the age of social media.

Click here to listen to the first episode in a two-part series, ‘The Not So Beautiful Side of Social Media’.