From Parenting to Paleo, These Are the Best Podcasts to Listen To

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With a world of visual stimulation at our fingertips, from YouTube channels to Instagram feeds, it can be easy to forget one of the great gems of the digital generation: The Podcast.

Covering pretty much any topic you could think of, from health and wellness to motherhood, education, and even food, podcasts have proven to be an easily digestible source of information.

Whether you’re trying to fill the silence with something a little more meaty on your commute to work, you’re just looking for something light to distract you on the treadmill, or you want to learn something as you’re winding down for bed, it’s easy to listen to a podcast almost anytime, anywhere. It’s within that keyword, “learn”, that lies a podcast’s greatest appeal: Whatever it is you choose to listen to, if you choose the right one, you’re almost guaranteed to walk away from it having learned something new or taken away some information with you. Think of the podcast as your smart and witty friend that fills you with knowledge every time you meet up for coffee. The only problem? Choosing which one to listen to. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast enthusiast or a newbie, there’s a wealth of choices out there. We’ve narrowed down a few to either keep your options fresh or help you get started.

Boss Lady

  1. Girl Boss Radio – When it comes to women at the top, no podcast list would be complete without a mention of Sophia Amoruso’s, who is known to many as one of the original “girl bosses” (or at least the one who coined the term and made it famous). Each episode features an insightful interview with a different woman in leadership, from top-level talent to CEOs across every industry.
  2. Lewis Howes – This inspirational entrepreneur literally wrote the book on “The School of Greatness” and has a lot of wisdom to share, which he does through his podcast. From self-help for smart people and having it all to mastering money, enhancing your memory (and making it work to your advantage), finding your passion, and principles to create your most abundant and fulfilling life, Howes covers it all with the help of some truly impressive guest speakers.
  3. The Science of Success – Success may mean something different to each of us, but talk to anyone who’s achieved it and they’ll tell you the same thing: The secret behind it is grounded in your mindset. This podcast helps listeners navigate the world of decision-making, persuasion, negotiation, and mastering your mindset, all through proven and evidence-based research and psychology hacks.
  4. Stuff Mom Never Told You – If you’ve found yourself pondering questions that fellow goal-chasing women around the world are asking too, you’ll find that this podcast helpfully covers everything from marriage and making friends to ambition, race, women’s rights and women’s issues, and more – and it isn’t afraid to delve into deeper and tougher topics, all grounded in research and facts.
  5. Brand New Nation – If content is your thing, this is the podcast for you. Whether it’s growing your own personal brand, establishing your own online business, or navigating the tricky world of social media (from growing followers to monetizing online content) and other forms of creative entrepreneurship, consider these interviews a go-to guide to creating your best content yet.
  6. Glambition Radio – Discovering and pursuing your passions is great, but learning how to monetize them is a different story. In this enlightening podcast, host Ali Brown (along with her multitude of guests) shares her best tips to help listeners figure out how to make money, build a successful and thriving business, increase revenue, think and behave like a leader, and become a catalyst for change.

Parenting & Motherhood

  1. Spawned – Covering current parenting issues and the often tricky (but incredibly rewarding) world of parenthood, this podcast is run by Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner. The duo behind Cool Mom Picks keeps things fresh with references to pop culture, expert opinions, news topics, and more, all in a friendly overtone.
  2. Mom and Dad Are Fighting – While this is, essentially, a parenting podcast, the topics covered here are often so interesting that even those without a brood might want to tune in. Each week, hosts Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth take turns sharing a story around a parenting issue – be it a victory or a failure. Listeners’ questions are attended to, and it’s an enlightening and honest meeting of thoughts, opinions, and sharing that essentially creates the type of forum of reliability and relatability that a typical parenting how-to guide might not.
  3. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Here’s one for both you and your little one. Inspired by the book of the same name (and hosted by its authors, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo), this podcast shares stories of truly inspiring modern women that act as genuine heroines in modern-day, real-life fairytales. While this is a podcast that adults would enjoy on their own, it’s also a good medium through which to showcase great role models to your children (both daughters and sons) and is likely to inspire your children as much as it will inspire you.
  4. Unruffled – If it’s practical advice and applicable real-life tips you’re seeking, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by parenting expert Janet Lansbury (who also has a number of books under her belt), there’s plenty of advice doled out here, covering everything from behavior and emotions to development and more.

Health & Wellness

  1. Ted Talks Health These podcasts cover a truly impressive range of health-related topics, from issues that affect people more directly – including harder-to-tackle topics like how to start a conversation about suicide – to wider ones such as the impact of our personal spending on the healthcare industry or big tobacco, for instance. From smart daily health habits to wider world issues, this is a solid one for anyone interested in health.
  2. The Daily Boost Some call it self-help; we call it motivational positivity. This podcast has been one of the top-rated on iTunes for some time now, and for good reason. Easy to consume in a super-friendly format, it will deliver a daily dose of good vibes, helping you master everything from confidence and self-esteem to finding fulfilment, setting and achieving goals, and more. Think of it as an easily digestible life coach in your pocket.
  3. The Real Health Podcast – In this podcast, host Karl Henry really does keep it real by easily cutting through the fluff and keeping things straightforward, honest, and applicable for, well, real people when it comes to health. Want to know the best technology to help your health? Or good-for-you snack ideas that you can actually make? How about reducing mental fatigue, or simple life swaps to make your everyday life a little healthier overall? Here’s where you can find it.
  4. Hay House MeditationsLouise L. Hay has long been regarded as one of the best in the business when it comes to positive affirmations, healing your life, self-motivation, boosting your self-esteem and confidence, and generally learning and practicing better self-love. Her empire has grown accordingly, and this podcast offers all of the same goodness you’ll find in her books but in audio form. Expect guided meditations, mantras, and affirmations to help ease your soul and calm and focus your mind week after week.
  5. Food Psych – Hosted by Nutritionist, Dietitian, and Intuitive Eating Counselor Christy Harrison, RD, this podcast is a go-to for anyone who either has, is seeking to develop, or looking to maintain a truly healthy relationship with food. While it does offer healthy eating advice, it does all of this around the mental premise of food, covering everything from body image and eating disorders to women’s issues, self-care, self-esteem, body shaming, and more.
  6. Waking Up with Sam Harris If you’re at all interested in the way the human mind works and how to not only understand yourself better but also get the best out of yourself, this podcast hosted by neuroscientist, philosopher, and author Sam Harris is worth checking out. It explores various aspects of the human mind in line with current affairs, world events, society, and modern philosophy.
  7. Sawbones – This podcast’s truly unique approach will always keep you entertained. Hosted by family medicine doctor Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin, it focuses on the history behind medical issues and health trends. Here, you’ll learn things you never knew about subjects ranging from diabetes to cupping. Aside from making for great trivia knowledge, it’ll also naturally encourage you to think more critically and curiously about the health fads that come and go and the role they may play in the grand scheme of human history.

News & Current Affairs

  1. The Daily – This podcast from The New York Times is widely regarded as one of the best out there, and for good reason. It’s sharp, interesting, and boasts the same high standards that the publication is renowned for. Here, host Michael Barbaro interviews journalists from the newspaper about the day’s biggest stories, which allows for an insightful and personal take on some of the most pressing current news.
  2. Today, Explained – In a busy world, it can be hard to find the time to explore the nitty-gritty side of our world’s most pressing news topics, which is why this daily podcast from Vox, hosted by Sean Rameswaram, is so great. It breaks down even the most complex issues in a bite-sized, truly entertaining way, and in a language we can all understand.
  3. Ted Talks Daily – If you’ve never heard of Ted Talks, then what rock have you been hiding under? The famous series in podcast form is just as good as the videos we know and love, with seriously interesting and inspiring individuals from all over the world covering their unique perspectives on everything from pertinent news topics to ideas you may never have thought of — let alone heard of — before. With Ted Talks, there really is something for everyone – and you’re almost always guaranteed to walk away having learned something, gained a different perspective, or at the very least, have something new and interesting to discuss with your friends and family over the dinner table.
  4. Up First Hosted by NPR, this is the ultimate podcast for busy people who still want to stay on top of the news. You’ll be delivered reliable, interesting, and well-thought-out coverage on a variety of news topics from current affairs to pop culture, all neatly wrapped up in ten-minute packages.
  5. Hourly – This podcast, hosted by the BBC, pretty much does what it says on the tin: It’ll provide you with hourly news. While that can sound quite intense – subscribers will literally receive a new podcast every single hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day, every day – each one is only five minutes long, making it a great format for those who absolutely need to stay in-the-know about world affairs and the latest stories from around the globe, all the time.

Culture & Entertainment

  1. Audio Book Club by Slate – Think of this as your book club in audio form. This podcast, released on a monthly basis, hosts critics to discuss highly rated, important, and must-read or hot-topic books. Whether you’re staying on top of their book club selections, are looking for new and interesting things to read, or simply want to be part of the lively and interesting debates about literary works, it’s a great pick for book lovers.
  2. By The Book – In this highly entertaining podcast, hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer commit to living their lives as per the rules of a new or trending self-help book (such as The Five Love Languages or The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up). Each pledge lasts for two weeks and, thanks to the wit and full commitment of the hosts, is typically highly entertaining.
  3. Keep It – In our fast-paced world, not only can it be tough to keep up with the ever-flowing wave of cultural phenomena, but it can be equally as hard to know what’s actually worth the hype and what isn’t. Hosted by The Daily Beast’s Ira Madison III, along with co-hosts Kara Brown and Louis Virtel, this podcast runs through some of the most buzzed-about stories in pop culture and offers an honest take on whether they’re worth paying attention to or better off tossed.
  4. Pop Culture Happy Hour – The name is pretty straightforward, but the content is anything but “blah”. This NPR-hosted podcast discusses everything from books, music, and comic books to movies, TV, and more within the realm of pop culture in a truly entertaining fashion that keeps you both interested and in-the-know.