Why All the #Drama In Your Life Might Be More Deep-Rooted Than You Think

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Everything happening in the reality of your life, whether positive or negative, is being attracted. By you.

You’re probably thinking, if that’s the case, why would I attract something negative? Why would anyone attract a failed relationship, betrayal, the loss of money, or an illness? Before I answer that question, let me shed a bit of light on how ThetaHealing perceives the mind. In this healing modality, the mind is perceived to be made up of 12 percent consciousness and 88 percent sub-consciousness. The subconscious mind is very powerful and is 20,000 times smarter than our consciousness.

Why would anyone attract a failed relationship, betrayal, the loss of money, or an illness?

If you consciously do not want something negative that might be happening in your life at this very moment, yet you are still attracting it, that means that it is your subconscious mind doing the work. But why does the subconscious mind attract something that we do not desire?

The subconscious mind is full of negative programs that we pick up mainly from the moment we are born until the age of eight. During this time, the brain of the child is like a sponge and is absorbing everything that is happening to him or her without logic or filtering, and the perception of reality of the child is very different than the actual reality. Therefore, a lot of negative beliefs are picked up at that age, mainly from a family environment or school. Those beliefs, which we carry with us from childhood and of which we are often not aware, affect us and can create major blocks and negative patterns in our adult life.

Take, for instance, a child who is waiting for his parents to come pick him up from school. The parents have forgotten or are three hours late, and the child is sitting alone, watching all his friends being picked up by their parents. He feels abandoned, but during those three hours of being alone, he might learn something positive, which is independence. Because the child learned something positive from this negative experience, his subconscious mind will be programmed and a belief will be formed: ‘’I have to be abandoned to learn independence.” This subconscious negative belief will create patterns of abandonment in the future.

That’s where ThetaHealing comes in, allowing us to find out what our negative programs are to remove them. This healing technique relies on activating and using the powerful Theta brain wave to access the subconscious mind and remove the negative beliefs that do not serve us anymore. It allows us to reprogram our subconscious mind to make it positive and aligned with what we want to create in our life consciously, so that we can move forward easily and without struggle, removing any hidden blocks, fears, or negative programs that are keeping us from living a healthy and balanced life.

It really is a very simple, practical, and powerful healing technique that helps people take control of their reality and manifest everything they desire, creating a balance and harmony and making it easier for them to be positive and lead a physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lifestyle.

If you’re wondering whether or not ThetaHealing is for you, remember that every person has something they would like to change, shift, get rid of, or even attract in their life. ThetaHealing will allow you to make those changes from the inside out.

Elias Kanakri is a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Instructor, and Master based in Dubai.