And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

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Between the school runs, back-to-back meetings, manic malls, and hours spent stuck in rush-hour traffic, it’s safe to say that things can get rather stressful around this time of year. But don’t pull your hair out just yet. Goodness is here to save the day with a roundup of the five best products designed to help you unwind and de-stress, from a super spray that can be carried in your bag for a pick-me-up on the go to a bath oil that is sure to perk up a long, tiring day. In the words of our Beauty Editor, “Frankie says relax.”


The Soothing Spray

Relax to the max with Mr. Fox’s 100 percent natural and organic soothing spray. Handmade right here in Dubai, it’s crammed full of calming chamomile, vetiver, and fine lavender to help ease stress and calm the nervous system – without a single chemical or synthetic smell in sight. Simply spray onto your skin and clothes or into the air around you, letting its scent restore your sense of calm.

And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

Mr. Fox ‘Relax Max’ Spray

AED60 / SAR61

Mr. Fox


The Calming Candle

For the ultimate calming candle and luxurious treat, this offering from Neom has to be it. Its soothing scent is made from 19 of the purest essential oils – including sweet English lavender, floral French lavender, basil, and delicate jasmine – to fill your home with a smell so sublime that your worries will instantly melt away. But this is no ordinary candle; it has been designed to be used on skin too. Simply light it for 30 minutes, blow it out, then allow the oil to cool for a few minutes before drizzling the dreamy wax onto skin, letting it do away with dryness and soreness. Bliss.

And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

Neom Organics ‘Tranquility Candle’

AED234 / SAR239

Harvey Nichols-Dubai, Mall of the Emirates


The Shower Savior

Whether you wake up with worries or end your day feeling frazzled, this shower savior from Aromatherapy Associates will calm you down in no time. Working to soften the skin whilst relaxing the mind and tending to frayed nerves, it harnesses the restful powers of petitgrain, vetivert, and lavender to pamper you from top to toe.

And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

Aromatherapy Associates ‘Relax Body Wash’

AED100 / SAR102



The Body Booster

Don’t let the name of this beautifying balm fool you. Although it has been made with hands and feet in mind, it can be used anywhere on the body that’s in need of some TLC. Enriched with beeswax and shea butter, it deeply nourishes and hydrates skin whilst its blend of five relaxing essential oils (geranium, mandarin orange, bergamot, lavender, and sweet orange) has been specifically chosen for its relaxing properties. Simply smooth onto skin that’s craving some calming moisture and take a deep whiff of its soothing scent throughout the day to instantly de-stress.

And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

L’Occitane ‘Relaxing Hand and Foot Balm’

AED75 / SAR77

The Beach


The Super Soak

There’s no better way to unwind than by sinking into a soothing bath bursting with beautifying and beneficial ingredients – and that’s exactly where this super soak from Susanne Kaufmann comes in. Infused with oils of lavender, patchouli plant, and ylang-ylang, it helps lift your mood whilst deeply nourishing and pampering skin to perfection. Simply pour under running water, step in, sink back, and treat your skin and senses to the ultimate calming soak.

And Breathe – 5 Relaxing Products to Help You Unwind

Susanne Kaufmann ‘Essential Bath Oil for the Senses’

AED250 / SAR255



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