4 Simple Steps to Help You Think More Positively

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Who wouldn’t want to feel happier, more hopeful, and more energetic? Follow these four steps to bring more positive energy into your life today.


Pay Attention to What You Say

Words are powerful, so it’s important to pay close attention to what you are saying. Have you ever asked someone how they are, only for them to reply, “Not too bad”? Have you ever wondered what this actually means? A response of this type indicates a “bad” default setting for the day. Of course, we are all guilty of using such words on a daily basis, unaware of how they may affect our thoughts or actions.

Common negative phrases that have an impact on our thinking and communication with others include: “Can’t complain”, “Not too bad”, and “I’m exhausted”. Try to reflect on your language and make it your goal to replace a negative utterance with a positive one. Reply with “Everything’s going well, thanks” instead of “Can’t complain”. Also, try replacing “I’m exhausted” with “I need rest”. It’s vital to reframe our communication in order to succeed at being more positive.


Look for Solutions, Not Problems

Do you ever take the time to observe your attitude in your daily life, particularly when facing challenges? Consider whether you look for solutions or problems in your day-to-day situations. Do you take pity on yourself when faced with a task in the workplace that you have a particular dislike for? Adopting a negative attitude before beginning will only disrupt your ability to complete the assignment to a quality standard. Looking for solutions will aid creativity and, ultimately, help you to earn that sense of accomplishment upon completion.



It’s important to make a habit of reviewing your day and giving yourself credit for the notable things that you have achieved. Reflect on whether you have experienced any situations that led to frustration, anger, or any other number of unpleasant emotions. Consider the events that led up to those particular feelings and ask yourself how you could’ve changed your response, given the chance. Replay the earlier situations with a positive outcome and revel in the feeling of optimism. When faced with a stressful scenario, strive to adopt the same technique.

If you are preparing for a job interview or planning for an upcoming meeting, invest time in deciding what you would like the outcome to be. One great technique to use when mentally rehearsing an action is visualization. According to a number of studies, visualization works because thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. Some of the world’s top athletes and personalities – Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey included – use visualization to achieve positive results in their lives.


Practise Gratitude

When facing personal problems, we often focus our energy on how we’re suffering rather than being grateful for what we’ve already got or achieved. Gratitude can play a very important role in shifting your mindset, helping you to feel thankful for what you have. It is easier for our minds to notice the negative, so resisting the positive comes almost naturally. Take the time to make a daily list of things you are grateful for and assess how your attitude changes over time. Research has proven that people who practise gratitude experience more joy and enthusiasm and are ultimately more resilient to negative thoughts and emotions.

Dubai-based life coach Sophia Fromell works at Ithaca Life.