5 Key Reminders to Help You Be Happy

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Most of us believe that happiness is a destination, achieved when a number of conditions are met in our life. Just think of how many times you have heard someone say, “I’ll be happy when I am in a relationship/get that promotion/move into a bigger house/buy a faster car/lose five kilos.”

This is a common misconception, created partly by popular media, that happiness is conditional. Take notice of the advertising you see around you – the family that looks blissfully happy together in its new home, the delighted entrepreneur enjoying a drive in his new car, the pleased shopper walking around with a number of designer shopping bags. While all of these are signs of satisfaction, they should not be confused with true happiness and fulfillment.

Buying a bigger house or earning a promotion with a pay raise or having a certain person in your life can, of course, make one happy, but this happiness may only be temporary. True happiness is not a destination that we reach via a purchase. It’s a journey, and it has to do with the way we decide to live and who we become during this journey. Below, discover a few key reminders for living your happiest life.


There's No Such Thing as the Perfect Time

Hoping that you will be happy when a number of conditions are met means you’re assuming that there will be a day when everything in your life will be perfect and right. However, what makes life exciting is that there is no such thing as the perfect or right time. No matter what you want to achieve in life, you cannot sit back and wait for the right circumstances to appear. Instead, you need to ensure that you create the circumstances you require in order to achieve what you want.


Choose to Be Happy

Make the decision that from now on you will be happy, and make a conscious effort to pay attention to the small things that bring pleasure into your life. It’s important to set your mind to being happy first, as this will affect your experience and interpretation of the world around you. Eventually, recognizing the things that make you happy will isolate the negativity from your life as well, which will allow you to be more thoughtful about how you spend your time.

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Be Selfish

You may think that going after what makes you happy may be selfish or irresponsible. Your inner voice is trying to sabotage you by making you feel guilty, telling you not to expect too much every time you take a step forward. This inner voice appears every time you consider getting out of your comfort zone and tries to bring you back to what you are used to. Invest the time to really identify what it is that makes you happy and where you really want to be in life. Defining your happiness will make it easier to achieve.


Find Out What Doesn't Make You Happy and Change It

Take a look at your life to identify what it is that takes you off track, and decide to correct it. Note any negative influences; this may be a friend who is particularly negative, a colleague that you do not get along with, or a family member who is not supportive. Evaluate each case and decide how you can eliminate (or minimize) these negative influences from your daily life.


Be Passionate About the Things You Love

Explore what you are passionate about and find ways to fulfill those passions, whatever they might be. Some of the most successful people around are those who have pursued their passions and turned them into profitable ventures.

Sophia Fromell is a Dubai-based life coach working at Ithaca Life. For further details, visit www.ithaca-life.com or call (+971) 50 105 2530.