3 Simple Tips to Live a Less Stressful Life

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“I’m so stressed.” It’s probably one of the most common things we hear and say in our everyday lives. It’s natural to want to eliminate all stress from your life, but before you undertake this impossible endeavor, it’s important to understand that stress – at a manageable level – can actually help you grow and face daily challenges. The key is to reduce, not eliminate, the amount of stress you face, using practices and techniques that allow you to focus your energy on moving your life forward in a healthy way. Read on to discover a few key tips for less stressful day-to-day living.


Trust Yourself

Trust in your abilities and, most importantly, in yourself. Your self-worth is of high significance. Who can believe in someone if they don’t believe in themselves? Be sure to treat yourself well, so that others will treat you the same. To do this, you need to connect with your own thoughts and emotions as well as remove all negativity you may be placing on yourself due to unnecessary comparison to others. Remember, as many times as you may hear it, money does not buy happiness. Bearing that in mind, you can begin by forgetting about the material possessions in life and focus your energy on your inward health and well-being instead. Never belittle yourself for things that are not important.


Take Life One Step at a Time

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” Living in the moment is a simple thing to do, yet we do not practise it all the time. Enjoy the moment without thinking about the future or the past, and you will see your stress levels instantly decrease. Approach life one step at a time, aiming to simplify and finish the most important job on your to-do list – whether it is in your personal or professional life – before worrying about the following task. Having your priorities in order is extremely important for maintaining a sense of control in your life.


Shake it Off

Psychologists believe that people tend to hold on to the past because it gives them a sense of identity. In order to reduce stress, we need to learn to let go of people, habits, and even ideas that are holding us back. For example, this may mean decluttering your space and letting go of materialistic items that are a reminder of negative or stress-inducing moments. Doing this will allow you to focus on the present as opposed to fixating on a memory you can’t change. Remember, change can be a good thing, so learn to embrace and accept it. This will ultimately allow you to feel happier, lighter, and healthier.

Sophia Fromell is a Dubai-based life coach at Ithaca Life. For further details, visit www.ithaca-life.com or call (+971) 50 105 2530.