5 Home-Organizing Tasks to Undertake This Month

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If you’ve been meaning to take on home-improvement projects, but needed some time to adapt to this “new normal” (whether that meant learning to set boundaries at home, manage distance learning, or just give yourself time to accept the situation), it’s important that you break these down into digestible chunks. Indeed, a to-do list item like “tidy up the house” will probably only serve to make you more anxious.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Organize Me to bring you five small projects that you can tackle around your house and that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a clearer mind.


Donate Clothes

Being at home during this time is a great opportunity to go through your belongings – especially your closet.

Go through each article of clothing and ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Am I really going to wear this?” When in doubt, take it out!

Level Up: Invest in some velvet hangers.
They’re space-saving, non-slip (your clothes won’t fall off), and they give your closet a uniform look.


Match Up Your Tupperwares

Matching the lids to your Tupperware is a great way to figure out what pairs you have and what you can get rid of. This is also a fun project to do with your kids. 

Level Up: Once that’s done, it’s time to organize your remaining pairs. You can find various Tupperware drawer organizers on Amazon. Peg drawer organizers are best because you can customize them to meet your needs and available space.


Check Expiration Dates

Checking the expiration dates on your products is something you should be doing regularly. It will help you make space, assess what you need to replenish, and even inspire recipe ideas. 

Check the expiration dates on:
– Pantry and fridge items and spices
– Bathroom products and makeup
– Supplements and medication
– First Aid kit supplies

Level Up: Clear turntables are perfect for displaying your spices, supplements, and vanity items. Not only do they help keep your belongings organized, but they’ll also make them easily accessible. 


Make Over Your Pantry and Cupboard

Start by taking out and grouping your pantry and cupboard items into similar groups. For example, pair all of your baking products, cooking oils, pastas, and snacks together. Then, assess what items you use most often and place them back in your pantry accordingly. The least-used items are best placed on the top shelves, while everyday items are best placed on the lower, more accessible shelves.

Level UpPantry bins and baskets are a must-have in any kitchen. They are essential to keeping all your items together and organized. They’re great for larger, loose items that tend to fall off your shelves. Plastic bins are also great inside your refrigerator.

There are endless styles of baskets available to fit your personal needs, but clear ones are extra helpful because you can see through them and find what you’re looking for faster.


Sort Through Your Electronics

With the amount of gadgets and tech we rely on each day, it’s easy to find your drawers and shelves cluttered with different devices, cables, and chargers. 

Start by gathering your electronics and assessing if there are any items you can part with. Will you really use these again? Chances are there will be some old remotes or cords you don’t need anymore.

Once you’ve narrowed down your keepers, match your cords and chargers accordingly. From there, divide your electronics into categories that fit your personal needs. For example: Apple products, travel, computer/printer, phone accessories, etc.

Finally, store your items in small baskets or clear storage containers that you can label. If those are not available to you, Ziplock bags work too. 

Level Up: Using stackable storage containers not only gives you a uniform look but also keeps your boxes secure when storing. Purchasing a handheld label maker is a fantastic way to create clean, polished labels throughout your home.

Paola Demara is the founder of Organize Me, a company that organizes homes and office spaces. Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, Organize Me specializes in moves, unpacking, and design and recently expanded to the Middle East. Demara’s clients include some of Hollywood’s biggest names.