8 Simple Feng Shui Hacks to Get You Started

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Over the years, the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has been diluted. Indeed, while hoards of schools have popped up, each claiming to be the most accurate, most are in fact ineffective or inauthentic.

A lot of what we know today to be Feng Shui is in fact based on superstition rather than logic. This is in reference to both the “rules” of the practice and the different products sold under this umbrella around the world. From frogs to jade eggs and turtles, you will find that most of these items actually have cultural significance and very little to do with classical Feng Shui.

If you don’t want to get bogged down by the intricacies of what is authentic and what is not, following simple rules is the way to go. These are based on the form school of Feng Shui, focusing on the shapes of objects around you and the movement of energy.


The Flow of Energy

Energy flows in a straight line in a narrow hallway or a passage. Therefore, if your home has a back door or window located directly opposite the main door, it is recommended that you keep that window or back door locked and place a red carpet in the hallway to stop the energy from moving through your space too fast. Alternatively, you can also hang a curtain made of beads or thin fabric on the back window or door to reduce the intensity of that energy. 


Your Place of Worship

Always position your place of worship or alter in a quiet room, facing the inside of the house. This helps keep good energy indoors and will make focusing on prayer and meditation easier.


The Placement of Your Bed

Sleeping opposite a bathroom door or a bedroom door hits you with harsh energy and must be avoided at all costs. If you are not able to move the bed to any other position, hang a mirror at eye level outside the bathroom door. The mirror will reflect the energy back into the bedroom instead of it entering the bathroom.

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The Placement of a Study Corner

A study table must have a wall support and should preferably be tucked away in a quiet corner to avoid distractions. Using soothing colors in the study room is a good idea. It helps keep the energy calm and improves focus.


The Placement of Mirrors

Display a mirror opposite a window with a good view to attract good energy into your home. A mirror also helps make your space look bigger than it is.


The Placement of Plants

It is a good idea to display plants around the house, but plants with big leaves that block sunlight should be avoided. Species growing upwards tend to support energy movement within the house. Place them by the entrance, windows, and in your living room to brighten up the space.

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The Placement of Flowers

Keeping fresh flowers around the house to create a pleasant atmosphere is always welcome. Bright-colored flowers are better suited for the living and the dining room.


Choosing Lighting

Your living room, dining room, kitchen, and study are yang energy areas – meaning active areas. These areas can be enhanced through the use of vibrant colors and bright lighting. 

Your bedroom, on the other hand, should have yin energy – that is calm energy to help you relax. Using soothing colors in the bedroom along with mellow lighting will help you relax better. 

Shivani is a Dubai-based Feng Shui and wellbeing practitioner. She has a Masters Degree in Sociology and is an expert in the field of energy management. To read more about her work and for personal consultations, click here.