PSA: Toxin-Free Beauty Products Are Being Delivered in the UAE at 50% off

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Neom Organics
Photo: Courtesy of Neom Organics

There are endless reasons why self-care is a good idea right now, not least of which are the amount of stress we’re under and the fact that we’ve had to bid our usual pampering appointments adieu. If you’ve found yourself YouTubing facial videos and Googling how to cut your own hair, we’ve got a treat for you.

Pearl Tree, a distribution company in the UAE that has brought cult clean brands such as Neom and Sodashi to the market, is offering 50 percent off its products, plus free delivery in the UAE, to help you create an at-home spa experience or find just a few moments of calm.

In addition to that, Pearl Tree has launched a clean-beauty helpline, which you can dial for an over-the-phone consultation to determine your skincare needs and receive brand and product recommendations (more on that below).

Goodness spoke to the company’s founder, Soraya Jouzy, to get her favorite product picks and tips for an at-home spa experience.


Level up your showers.

Start the day with a shower to energize and make the most of this quiet time to take deep breaths. I always start the day with Neom Organics ‘Great Day Body & Hand Wash’, which contains seaweed and pomegranate to help gently cleanse, along with soothing aloe vera to soften skin.”

Neom Organic

Create a relaxing atmosphere at home.

“f you are starting the day and need to boost your energy, make sure you’re in a room with plenty of daylight, light a candle with a natural, energizing scent like citrus, and play your favorite music. I’d recommend the Neom Organics candle that is made of 24 essential oils with citrus and basil notes.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day, opt for scents that have calming and relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and patchouli.”

Sodashi cream
Photo: Courtesy of Sodashi

Give masks a go.

“The act of putting on a face mask will instantly make you feel relaxed and cleansed. My favorite mask for relaxation is the Knesko ‘Nano Gold’ mask, which calms, firms, and hydrates skin. It’s best used when you are laying down, so make the most of this moment by taking a time out in a quiet room with no distractions or phones to really switch off. 

Don’t neglect you hair and scalp either. The Sodashi ‘Hair and Scalp Mask’ that you can keep on all day and sleep in is great for both men and women and will promote regrowth thanks to the rosemary it contains.”

Knesko mask
Photo: Courtesy of Knesko

Give yourself (or each other) a massage.

“The ‘Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle’ by Neom is a real evening treat. Light this candle for about 30 minutes to allow its destressing scent to fill the room before extinguishing the candle to use its melted oils for a massage. It was created for this purpose, so don’t worry about burning yourself. 

The velvety, warm oils – a total of 21, including rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, and cocoa seed butter – will deeply nourish your skin, leaving you feeling calm, nourished, and ready for a good night’s sleep.”

To reach the Pearl Tree clean beauty helpline, call or WhatsApp (+971) 52 213 6587.

To order Neom Organic, Knesko, Sodashi, and more products at a 50% discount, e-mail