How One UAE Hotel Group Is Cutting Back on Food Waste

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michael browning unsplash restaurant kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Browning

Food waste costs approximately 13 billion dirhams every year, just in the UAE alone, and restaurants and hotels are the main source of this unused food. Although this figure is undoubtedly concerning, conscious companies are finally beginning to acknowledge the potential consequences of their actions and taking strides to rectify that. JA Resorts & Hotels, in particular, recently rolled out a new technology, the ‘Winnow Waste Monitor’, across seven of its hotels with the goal of reducing food waste and landfill contribution in the UAE. 

Produced by Winnow, a tech company that develops digital tools to help run more profitable and sustainable kitchens, the system allows staff to throw away food the way they normally would, but with a couple of extra steps. With just a few clicks on a tablet, employees can select the item that is being discarded, as well as input the reason why. The waste monitor then delivers a daily report outlining what went to waste to show chefs where — and why — they are being wasteful. This technology enables kitchens to be more mindful of their consumption behavior, providing more opportunity for the UAE to conserve food, rather than waste it. 

In the short amount of time JA Resorts & Hotels has utilized the technology, the hotel group has managed to reduce its overall waste contribution by a whopping 81 percent.