An Organization Expert on the 5 Products Your Pantry and Kitchen Need

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Whether you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to organized pantries or you’re just tired of the mess in your kitchen cupboards, these five products will help you get everything organized, labelled, and looking like something out of an interiors magazine.


Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are essential for organizing. You can use them in virtually any room of your home, especially in your kitchen.

Use them to organize:
– Silverware
– Kitchen utensils
– Graters, zesters, and peelers
– Condiment and sugar packets
– Coffee pods and tea bags


Helper Shelves

Helper shelves are a wonderful way to create extra space inside all of your cabinets. They’re great to organize your cups, mugs, dishes, and pantry.


Turntable or Lazy Susan

Turntables, also known as lazy Susans, are perfect for accessing your spices, condiments, and cooking oils. They’re also great for helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll work in your pantry, kitchen cabinets, or on your countertops for everyday use.


Pantry Bins and Baskets

Pantry bins and baskets are a must-have in any kitchen. They are essential for keeping items together and organized and for larger, loose items that tend to fall off your shelves. Plastic bins are also useful inside your refrigerator.

There are endless styles of baskets available to fit your personal needs. However, clear pantry bins are recommended because you can see through them and find what you’re looking for much faster.


Clear Food Canisters

Clear food canisters are extremely useful in any pantry. Not only do they keep your food fresh for longer, but they also help make sure you never run out of certain ingredients.

Paola Demara is the founder of Organize Me, a company that organizes homes and office spaces. Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, Organize Me specializes in moves, unpacking, and design and recently expanded to the Middle East. Demara’s clients include some of Hollywood’s biggest names.