Mango Launched a New Collection That’s Stylish — as Well as Sustainable

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Mango Sustainable Collection
Photo: Courtesy of Mango

Fashion is, first and foremost, a means of non-verbal communication, as well as an art form. It is also a source of fun, pleasure, and creativity. However, in recent years, the fashion industry’s detrimental effect on the environment has been brought to light. As we finally begin to open our eyes to the situation around us, many of us have begun looking for more eco-friendly solutions. 

An increasing demand for sustainable goods – and a burden of responsibility – have spurred certain brands into creating collections and entire lines with a lesser environmental footprint. And Spanish brand Mango is one of them. The retailer recently released a new ‘Committed’ collection for spring/summer that complements your wardrobe, as well as the environment.

2017 marked Mango’s first environmentally conscious collection, consisting of pieces made from eco-friendly fibers and recycled products. Today, the company continues on its mission to reduce clothing pollution with its newest collection, made of soft, organic cotton and rayon, a non-synthetic material that imitates silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The brand has also pledged to manufacture cotton that’s 50 percent sustainable by next year.

Mango Sustainable Collection
Photo: Courtesy of Mango

All of the clothing in the brand’s newest ‘Committed’ collection is made of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton and organic fibers, such as Greencel and Tencel lyocell. Greencel is a 100 percent natural material sourced from trees, while Tencel lyocell is a material made from cotton off-cuts left over from manufacturing and wood cellulose.

As for its Spring/Summer 2019 jeans collection, it is made of approximately 40 percent green products, with the company aiming to increase this number to 50 percent by 2020. Mango has also reduced the amount of water needed to produce a pair of jeans by up to three gallons.

In addition to supporting eco-friendly fashion, Mango has also established Second Chances, a recycling initiative for clothing and shoes. After being processed, pieces are either reused, recycled into raw materials, upcycled for new functions (such as car mats and insulation), or even treated to create new energy. 

Shop the collection in the Middle East, here.