The 5 Best Vegan Dishes on Bahrain’s Food Delivery Apps

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Whether you resort to the convenience of delivery apps because you’re busy or because you haven’t yet cracked home cooking yet, here are five recommended dishes that are both plant-based and delicious.


Caesar Salad

Raw Candy

A lovely balance between creamy and crunchy, this salad is made with fresh seasonal greens, avocado, an omega seed mix, and a cashew caesar dressing. It is served with the option of homemade gluten-free buckwheat crackers or wheat-free sourdough rye croutons.

Raw Candy also offers a range of refined sugar-free, plant-based chocolates, desserts, sandwiches, and smoothies.

Photo: Courtesy of Raw Candy

Wild Rice And Lentil Bowl

Plant Cafe

If you’re looking for a healthy take on comfort food, this dish is a special one! Spiced, yet not spicy, it’s made with fluffy wild rice, curried lentils, sweet potato, roasted green beans, and an airy macadamia ricotta.

Plant Cafe is Bahrain’s first fully vegan restaurant and its serves a colorful range of gourmet vegan dishes. We also recommend trying the classic burger, Japanese udon, and spiced pumpkin pie.

Photo: Courtesy of Plant Cafe

Chickpea and Homemade Beetroot Bucatini

Baker & Spice

This is a unique, aromatic pasta dish with outstanding flavors and beautiful presentation. Indulge in this chewy handmade beetroot bucatini (a thick spaghetti-like pasta), which comes with flavorful madras-curried chickpeas, spinach, lemon zest, and crunchy toasted coconut shavings.

Baker and Spices menu includes a wide range of international and ethnic dishes, a gourmet deli section, and an array of decadent cakes.

Photo: Courtesy of Baker and Spice

Cashew Alfredo Pasta

Anais Café

Hearty, homey, and packed with flavor, this dish is made with very few ingredients. You can choose between regular tagliatelle or a gluten-free version, which comes enveloped in a creamy cashew-based sauce with spinach, mushrooms, and bits of sweet sautéed onion.

Anais is a plant-based cafe in Zinj that also serves cakes, artisanal coffee, and teas and makes its own keto bread!

Photo: Courtesy of Anais Cafe

Vegan Ghormeh Sabzi

Villa Mamas

A Persian dish that screams “family” and “celebration”, this rich, slow-cooked aromatic stew is made with kidney beans and plenty of herbs and is served with saffron rice topped with the tiny, tart berries called zereshk (barberries).

Villa Mamas, located in Saar with a branch in London, is famous for many other flavorful regional and Iranian dishes made with authentic high-quality ingredients in a modern gourmet fashion.

Photo: Courtesy of Villa Mama

Amal Jaffar is a self-employed yoga teacher (E-RYT200) from Bahrain, where she offers grounding, meditative yoga classes. She is passionate about sharing her reflections on mindful love-inspired living and also enjoys chanting, singing, nutritious vegan cooking, traveling and writing poetry. Her life motto is “I surrender myself to myself”.