5 Cairo Restaurants Serving Healthy Food Without Compromising on Taste

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Photo: Courtesy of be.goodtoyou

Over the past few years, there’s been a significant surge in Cairo residents’ demand for healthier options in their city, from eateries to boutique studios and more. As a result, we’ve seen a crop of new restaurants emerge, offering healthier menu options that still deliver on taste in a big way. 

Below, Goodness has rounded up a list of some of the top places to enjoy a healthy meal or snack in Cairo.

Sea Salt Bakery

One of the first café-restaurants of its kind, Sea Salt Bakery offers a menu of exclusively gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free options, all made with locally sourced produce.

The concept was born as a result of its founder’s own struggle to find meals that wouldn’t trigger any food intolerances. This led her to create a menu of home-cooked dishes packed with nutrients meant to simultaneously heal the body and satisfy the palate of discerning diners. Take the mushroom pilaf, for example; its ultra-creamy and rich texture could fool almost anyone into thinking it weren’t made better for you by the chefs at Sea Salt Bakery. 

Head here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and don’t miss out on the freshly baked gluten-free breads and pastries.

Tel: (+20) 109 375 7305

Photo: Courtesy of Sea Salt Bakery

be. good to you

Just as its name suggests, this restaurant’s two outposts cater to Cairo residents seeking more wholesome, healthy meals without compromising on creativity and taste. Using only fresh, local produce, be. good to you offers an array of creative dishes ranging from healthy pancakes and breakfast items to warm bowls and desserts, all substituting regular ingredients with healthier ones. 

Here, the focus is not on catering to diets but rather on promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. To that end, the be. good to you team also offers different nutrition and health coaching programs.

Katameya Heights and Capital Promenade
Tel: (+20) 128 085 0607

Photo: Courtesy of be.goodtoyou

Self Juicery

If you’re looking to order a quick bite to go or a fresh juice, Self Juicery is the place for you. The menu ranges from fresh blends (to which you can add protein and various supplements to meet your health needs) to creatively concocted salads, warm bowls, and sandwiches that are both light and satisfying.

Self Juicery’s yogurt pots, which can be customized with different fruit, nut, and cereal options, and the rice and mushroom bowl are amongst the most popular dishes here.

Also worth a mention is Self’s Instagram account, which manages to strike a balance between nutritionally informative and culturally on point. Click here to see just what we’re talking about.

Tel: (+20) 110 177 7706

Photo: Courtesy of @SelfJuicery

Cake Café

Don’t let its name fool you; Cake Café was actually one of the first places to offer vegetarian snacks and gluten- and dairy-free desserts in town, alongside its regular cakes and sandwich options.

With multiple locations around Cairo, all of which are beautiful spaces, it’s now one of the most popular cafés in town, and for good reason. The ‘Almond and Orange Gluten-Free Cake’ here is nothing short of superb, and the ‘Labneh and Hummus Wraps’ are now classics.

Zamalek, Palm Hills, Villa Baboushka Capital, and North Coast
Tel: (+20) 100 766 6603

Photo: Courtesy of Cake Café

Holm Café

Located right alongside Cake Café on the island of Zamalek, Holm Café describes itself as “your neighborhood potluck café”. What does that actually mean? Asides from Holm’s dishes, prepared in-house, you’ll also find a number of options made by other local vendors and bakers, whether that’s gluten-free cookies or coconut-almond energy balls.

Everything about this place screams “homey”. The space is cosy and adorned with plants and art, making this the perfect spot for a catchup with your girlfriends or a working-remotely-for-the-day situation.

Tel: (+20) 102 110 0462

Holm Cafe
Photo: Courtesy of Holm Café