5 Healthy Restaurants to Try on Delivery App Toters in Beirut

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You’ve had a long day at work, you’re finally home, and the last thing you want to do is cook a meal, let alone something healthy. We know; we’ve all been there. Even though we’re firm believers in homemade cooking to nourish the body and soul, sometimes a good old takeout meal is in order.

If you believe that nourishing your body shouldn’t be done at the expense of the planet, you’ll be glad to know that these five healthy restaurants, all available through delivery app Toters, are also plant-forward and prioritize sustainability.


Healthy by Huda

Healthy by Huda is taking responsibility for its carbon footprint with a vegan menu made with love. Working with local farmers and using eco-friendly packaging, it is environmentally conscious with a focus on great food quality. Ninety percent of the menu is vegan, with bestsellers like the ‘So Soba’ (soba noodles with a delicious peanut dressing) and a variety of bowls and wraps to choose from.

Photo: Courtesy Healthy By Huda

Oh! Bar

Oh! Bar, part of Lebanese gluten-free concept Oh! Bakehouse, describes itself as a flexitarian eatery, which means that both plant-based diners and non-vegans alike will find options to suit their requirements.

The menu offers a wide selection of healthy jar dishes, sandwiches, and breakfast options, from a falafel and kale almond wrap to a tuna salad on toast.

If you’re looking for freshly pressed juices (all cold pressed, of course), nut mylks, and vegan protein smoothies, Oh! Bar’s got you covered as well.

Photo: Courtesy Oh! Bar

Green Junkie

With immense focus on farm-to-table cooking, Green Junkie is the capital’s go-to, delivery-only concept for clean meals. For full transparency (which is something we can all get behind), it openly advertises the local, organic farms and bakeries from which its food is sourced.

In addition to that, Green Junkie has rolled out a number of sustainable initiatives, such as encouraging diners to return five of their delivery bags in exchange for a beautiful GJ reusable bag.

Green Junkie’s seasonal menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and high-fibre options, from rich salads and nourishing meals to power bowls and homemade sweets.

Photo: Courtesy of Green Junkie


If you’re craving a sweet treat but would rather avoid a sugar rush, Coconoix’s refined sugar-free options are just the thing for you. This plant-based coffee shop offers a range of gluten-free options, from a chocolate raspberry tart to a hummingbird cake.

There are also savory dishes on the menu, like gluten-free pizzas or ‘The Vurger’, a vegan burger with homemade vegannaise (vegan mayonnaise) on a buckwheat bun.

Photo: Courtesy of Coconoix


If you’re into bowls and firmly believe that all ingredients can work together, then Yobo is the restaurant for you. Located in Verdun, it offers a wide variety of healthy ingredients that you can mix and match into one bowl.

If, however, you’re overwhelmed by the options and can’t make your mind up, choose from one of the bestsellers on offer, like the ‘Rumi’ made with kale, mesclun, wild rice, and a maple-mustard vinaigrette dressing.

Photo: Courtesy of Yobo

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