Dubai Marina Is Home to a New Vegan Concept

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Photo: Courtesy of Soul Santé

Where We Ate

Nestled within the backstreets of the Marina is a new addition to the city’s vegan scene, Soul Santé. All of the food here is also gluten-, sugar-, and soy-free.

Soul Santé’s founder, Manisha Advina, who is an avid CrossFitter and athlete, worked to make sure that the vegan dishes were as high in protein as possible, which was accomplished with the addition of pulses, vegan protein powder, and nuts to the different menu items. If you too are concerned about macros, you’ll be glad to know that the menu details both calories and macronutrients.

Photo: Courtesy of Soul Sante Cafe

What We Tried and Loved

While the menu was a little bit on the shorter side, we were able to order from all categories (even at 10 a.m.). That meant pizza and tacos for breakfast, because why not? The pulled jackfruit tacos, which come in a pair, were flavorful and light, and the eggless omelette, made from pulses and served with avocado, was a definite favorite. The avocado on toast turned out to be, in fact, on homemade keto bread, which we ended up ordering two of (the portion is a little bit small). As for the pizza, if you’re following a gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free diet, this oat-based one is a pretty good option.

The key lime pie and peanut butter cups also definitely deserve both a mention and a try.

What We’ll Come Back For

Without a doubt the banana pancakes, which were a perfect flavor and consistency (soft on the inside, a bit crisper on the outside) both times we ordered them.

Photo: Courtesy of Soul Santé

What We’ll Skip

For a health-focused eatery, the juice menu was a little bit underwhelming with only three options to choose from: apple, orange, and green. Green, as it turns out, was mostly apples, a bit of ginger, and one leaf of kale. 

We’ll also give the açaí bowl a skip because of its slightly watery texture.

What We Weren’t Expecting

In terms of decor, the most notable feature at Soul Santé is a bar mounted against one of the windows and equipped with bicycle stools, allowing diners to eat, move, and take in the outdoor scene. 

Big bonus: There’s reserved parking outside.

Photo: Courtesy of Soul Santé

The Details

Jannah Place, Dubai Marina
Tel: (+971) 50 783 7685