7 Fitness Insiders Share Their Favorite Vegan Meals in Dubai

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Photo: Courtesy of Alison Marras

As the health and wellness scene grows in Dubai, so to does the city’s catering to different dietary requirements. If veganism is your jam and you’re on the hunt for some restaurant inspiration, look no further. Goodness tapped seven Dubai residents – from yogis to nutritionists – for their favorite vegan dishes in the city.


Laura Farrier

Yoga Teacher

Bareburger’s vegan burger has a really good amount of protein, which is important if your diet is plant based.”

Vegan Beyond Burger
'Vegan Beyond Burger' – Bareburger

“This dish is so tasty and good value for money.”

Spag'n Neatballs
'Spag'n NeatBalls' – Hippy Deli

Dina Ghandour

Yoga Teacher

“I’ve tried more than ten different açai bowls around Dubai and this one has all the right elements – from the texture and portion size to the flavor and toppings. It’s also 100 percent vegan, which isn’t always the case with other restaurants.”

'Açai Bowl' – Single Fin Café

“The Little Erth ‘Summer Rolls’ are always so fresh and bursting with flavor. The slices of mango bring that much more to the traditional version, and I love that the chefs aren’t shy when using cilantro.”

Summer Rolls
'Summer Rolls' – Little Erth By Nabz & G

Kayleigh Dawson

Sport Scientist and Personal Trainer

“This restaurant just puts so much love into its dishes. You can tell how much thought has gone into the flavors. This curry is delicious, not too heavy, and gets you just the right amount of full.”

'Butternut Squash Curry' – Little Erth by Nabz & G

“The vegan pancakes from Surf Café are the perfect portion size and come with the best toppings.”

Vegan Berry Pancakes
'The Berry Pancakes' – The Surf Café

Danae Mercer

Health and Travel Journalist

“I tried the seaweed pesto at Comptoir 102 for the first time with my friend, Carly Neave. The seaweed is marinated in sesame oil and is served with homemade guacamole and raw flaxseed.”

Seaweed Pesto
'Seaweed Pesto' – Comptoir 102

“I designed this bowl in partnership with Rosebowl and Gbemi Giwa. It’s made with Moroccan cauliflower rice, green curry hummus, and sweet potato falafel on a bed of lettuce. It’s pretty unique and contains healthy fats, carbs, and vegetables to keep you full.”

'The Namaste Bowl' – Rosebowl

“The vegan banana bread at Brambles is quite rich, moist, and decadent. I also love the venue and pink interiors.”

'Vegan Banana Bread' – Brambles

Sara Otto

Yoga Teacher

“These vegan pancakes are soft and light. They’re served with an array of fresh berries and maple syrup. In general, I really like the quality of the produce at Comptoir 102.”

'Vegan Berry Pancakes' – Comptoir 102

“The spinach and sesame salad at Zuma is simply delicious. Both ingredients are packed with nutrients.”

Spinach Sesame
'Spinach Sesame Salad' – Zuma

“The ‘Superfood Salad’ at Little Erth is a fantastic mix of goodness, and the dressing is delicious. I also love the ‘Vegan Meatballs’ on the menu, which come with the option of zucchini noodles on the side.”

SuperFood Salad
'Superfood Salad' - Little Erth by Nabz & G

Reetu Sukhramani

Nutritional Therapy Consultant

“The jackfruit in this bao bun tastes exactly like animal protein, making it perfect for transitioning vegans.”

This is Jack Bao
'This Is Jack Bao' – BB Social

“This dish is nutrient-dense, tastes incredible, and just makes me happy. The combination of butternut and cashew cream is divine.”

'Butternut Gnocchi and Cashew Cream' – Flamingo Room by Tashas
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