A Show on Body Shaming Is Coming to Dubai

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@BenSasso woman behind a curtain
Photo: Courtesy of @BenSasso

Body shaming: we judge others without even realizing it, hold ourselves to impossible standards, and are privy to the scrutiny faced by celebrities seemingly every single day. Now, a NYC-based dance-theater troupe by the name of Loom Ensemble is shining a spotlight on the subject with Default Mind, a 75-minute performance that will follow characters Ted and Melaina as they struggle for their own well-being against the “Body Shame Industrial Complex” and a culture of self-hate.

This depiction of one’s inner journey will play out through high-intensity ensemble dance and dynamic physical partnering, using humor to offer insights into the emotional lives of both leading characters – think: tackling childhood trauma, navigating a sea of new self-help techniques, and attempting to love each other and themselves with honesty. This may just be the most relatable show on our culture calendars in a while. Default Mind will be staged at Sima Performing Arts in Alserkal Avenue on March 28 and 29 as well as April 4 and 5, with all four shows kicking off at 8 p.m.

Default Mind is an unticketed event. Find more details here.