Yummy Mommies: The Best Prenatal Workout Classes in Dubai

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Prenatal Workouts Dubai
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If you’re rocking a big beautiful baby bump and you want to keep fit during your pregnancy, you may find the world of prenatal workouts rather daunting. So who better to talk to than fitness fanatic and new mom Lucy Bettoney? The health-conscious mommy behind wellness blog Fit Food Collective shares her top tips for working out when pregnant and reveals her top four prenatal classes in Dubai. Read on to find out more.

Exercise during pregnancy can be tricky. Knowing what, how much, and how often were all questions I had at the beginning, but as I entered this exciting and dramatically life-changing new phase, I knew I wanted to keep as active as possible. I was aware of the benefits of keeping active for both myself as a mom-to-be and my baby, but I wanted to be mindful of the changes going on in my body and not to push myself too hard. I totally understand it can be really difficult to slow down if you’re a fitness fiend like me, but I realized I wasn’t just looking after myself anymore. Luckily, I found some great prenatal workout classes in Dubai to keep me going.

My tips for pregnancy workouts:

  • Make sure you’ve eaten well prior to exercise and you’re getting enough calories.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Always consult your doctor before beginning any prenatal exercise.
  • Check that all the fitness professionals you work with have with prenatal experience.

Reformer Pilates

Real Pilates

I’ve been really lucky to avoid any major lower back pain issues during my pregnancy and I’m sure prenatal Pilates played a key role in that. The exercises help to strengthen stabilizing muscles, especially those surrounding the hips and pelvis, ensuring less discomfort (especially in the lower back) as the baby grows. This added strength promises to help with childbirth and recovery after giving birth. I’ve always loved the reformer for the added resistance it provides to your workout. Focusing on exercises whilst standing, kneeling, and sitting, prenatal sessions are modified to eliminate the safety and comfort concerns of lying face down or lying on your back with your bump.

One JLT Building, JLT, Dubai
(+971) 4 458 5399

Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai
(+971) 4 345 3228

Prenatal Pilates Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @RealPilates



During pregnancy, the body goes through so many changes, creating stress both mentally and physically. Calming and strengthening both the mind and body, yoga has been crucial for me when experiencing new feelings about the very exciting but unknown future. When the mind is crowded with thoughts and feelings, it’s unable to think clearly. Taking longer and fewer breaths during yoga practice has been the most powerful tool in reducing anxiety and stress. Extending this technique outside the yoga class to regulate those hormone-induced (and sometimes racing) thoughts definitely helps with dealing with challenging pregnancy situations.

The best thing about prenatal yoga is you can practice regardless of your previous experience or fitness level as long as you feel able. I especially love the classes at 136.1 as they incorporate Jivamutki meditation and music throughout.

 Trident Bayside, Dubai Marina
(+971) 4 441 6287

Best Yoga Dubai 136.1
Photo: Courtesy of 136.1



I first started doing barre workouts when I moved to Dubai just over two years ago, and I’ve been addicted ever since. Continuing throughout pregnancy has been a fitness lifesaver for me, as these classes have elevated my heart rate whilst also being low-impact. Focusing largely on body-weight exercises, barre avoids loading the body with external heavy weights – ideal during a time when your body is going through so many changes. Although this class isn’t specifically prenatal, the instructors at Define are great at providing knowledgeable pregnancy modifications where necessary. Despite that, I wouldn’t recommend this workout to anyone without previous experience of barre.

Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina
(+971) 4 421 6377


Prenatal Barre Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @DefineDubai

Mat Pilates

Real Pilates

Combining reformer with mat Pilates throughout my pregnancy has been really beneficial. Mat classes offer lots of variety with props, and it feels amazingly comfortable to sit on the big stability ball as your bump gets bigger! Using toning balls in addition to your own body weight, which helps to keep your upper body strong, is crucial for all of the bending down and carrying your baby once he or she is born. Involving pelvic floor exercises, prenatal Pilates helps to strengthen these muscles through contraction whilst simultaneously preparing the pelvic area to release and completely relax in preparation for childbirth.

One JLT Building, JLT, Dubai
(+971) 4 458 5399

Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai
(+971) 4 345 3228

Prenatal Mat Pilates Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @RealPilates

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