The Buzz on Bee Pollen: Why Wellness Experts Swear by This Superfood

aaron burden bee on flower
Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Burden

Kourtney Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, and Victoria Beckham swear by it in their smoothies, it’s being added to breakfasts, salads, and shakes by the world’s healthiest foodies, and it’s being hailed as one of the hottest superfoods ever. There really is a buzz surrounding bee pollen, these little orangey-yellow nuggets collected by bees. As they travel from plant to plant, bees collect small pollen granules, selecting the most nutritious ones, which are then mixed with plant nectar and bee saliva.

The result? One of nature’s most nourishing and nutritious foods, it’s extremely high in protein – about half is in the form of amino acids (it contains more of those than other animal products like eggs, beef, and cheese), which are easily absorbed by the body. Rich in B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, and P, folic acid, minerals, enzymes (to help us absorb nutrients from food), and fatty acids, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and antioxidant properties to protect cells from free radical damage.

Carly Rothman, health and fitness expert and founder of Lean Living Girl, explains, “Bee pollen is a go-to for my morning or post-workouts shakes. It consists of around 40 percent protein, so it’s great for kick-starting your metabolism in the mornings and for aiding muscle recovery. It’s also got a naturally sweet taste and chewy texture, so I often sprinkle it into Greek yogurt for a snack. It’s loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are great for you. Try to incorporate it wherever you can to get your daily dose.” So if you want to bee beautiful from the inside out, here are five more reasons why you need to get a boost from bee pollen.

  1. Immune system support
    Thanks to its abundance of antioxidants and its antibiotic properties, bee pollen helps your body fight off nasty bugs and helps protect against the elements.
  2. Energy boost
    Forget your morning espresso or afternoon coffee pick-me-up; instead get your boost from bee pollen. Brimming with B vitamins and a natural source of carbohydrates, it helps with energy production and increases strength and endurance whilst fighting off fatigue.
  3. Skin soothing
    Not only does it nourish our bodies from the inside out, but bee pollen also soothes skin when applied topically. Its high level of amino acids helps skin cells regenerate and, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help calm stressed, red, raw, and dry skin. Try mixing it with some coconut oil and applying to areas that need some TLC, or mix with brown sugar and coconut oil to make a super-soothing body scrub.
  4. Heart strength
    Bee pollen is believed to help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and contains rutin, which helps strengthen blood vessels, helping your heart stay happy and healthy.
  5. Fertility boost
    If you’re looking for a natural way to boost fertility, then bee pollen is the answer. It helps stimulate and restore ovarian function, which is perfect if you’re trying to get pregnant.

If you’re new to bee pollen, start off with about half a teaspoon daily, gradually increasing to one tablespoon a day. Blend into your smoothies, sprinkle onto your cereal, or add to salads for a bee-autifying boost.

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