5 Tips to Get You Back on the Fitness Wagon

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Have you fallen off the bandwagon? Don’t worry – we’re all in the same chocolate lava cake boat, really. Thankfully, getting back in the game is easier than you think. Here are five simple tips to help you get back on track.

Falling off is normal.
So you’re not in peak physical condition and you haven’t seen your trainer in weeks. That’s totally fine. It’s normal to go through phases when it comes to your fitness routine and, now that you know you’re at the tail end, realize also that it’s never ever too late to get back on it.

It’s all about preparation.
The best way to save on those extra minutes in the morning – which may impact your decision to hit the mat or go to the gym – is to spend a moment the night before getting all your things ready. Have a designated bag packed or your outfit already laid out.

Set realistic goals.
If it’s been really hard to get back in the game, it may be because you are setting crazy expectations. Ease into it, learn to enjoy the process, and love your workout bit by bit. Start with a goal of twice a week, set time aside for that, and then work your way up. There’s no rush, and you’ll slowly start to feel stronger and better. The rest is history!

Make it a habit.
Studies show that it only takes 21 (consecutive) days to create or get rid of a habit. Join a challenge at your studio or gym to help motivate you and get your muscle memory thriving on being active every day for three weeks. After that, what once felt like a huge hurdle will just be that thing you do that makes you feel great. Morning struggles will be no more.

Reward yourself.
When we say reward yourself, we’re not implying a shopping spree (although new workout gear is always inspiring). What we mean is be grateful for the progress you make – no matter how small. Realize how far you’ve come, not just since you’ve fallen off the wagon, but since you stared your fitness journey weeks, months, or years ago.

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