Meet 8 Inspiring Women Running the RAK Half Marathon This Month

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How does it feel to wake up before sunrise, day after day, to push yourself beyond your mental limits, and to take your body further than it’s ever been? That’s exactly what these eight women, all from different walks of life and fitness levels, are discovering as they train for the RAK Half Marathon.

“Can I be brutally honest? I don’t skip out of bed with a smile on my face, excited to log in my next mile. I probably start with several groans and shrugs, because I know what kind of pain lies ahead. However, once I’ve convinced myself to put on my running shoes, I drive to the track, plug my headphones in, and take the first step. The rest of the run is just me proving to myself that I can – and knowing that I can and I did makes me so proud of myself,” shared Gbemi Giwa, an athlete and entrepreneur living in Dubai. 

Her sentiments were echoed by personal trainer Talayeh Vaziri, who said, “The hardest part of any type of training is having that discipline; sleeping early, waking up early, eating well. Mentally, I’ve had to work on myself to get used to running long distances and being patient. But I’ve been able to use my training as a tool for getting rid of stress and gaining focus, and when I’m running that early in the morning, chasing the sun, I feel so blessed. I think of all the things I’m grateful for.”

Equipped with a pair of Nike ‘React Infinity Runs’, which were specifically designed to reduce the risk of running-related injuries, they’ve been putting their bodies and their minds to the test.

Today, they’re about a week out from the 21 kilometer race, which takes place on February 21st, and reflecting on the journey so far and what’s to come. 

Photos: Courtesy of Tamila Kochkarova for Nike