Is This the Most Supportive Group Training Experience in Dubai?

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The Project DXB 1
Photo: Courtesy of The Project DXB

Over the past few years, the UAE has seen an explosion of group-training concepts that provide high-tech, high-intensity workouts in a club-like environment on the hour every hour. Although there’s no arguing the fact that these workouts are great fun, they often fall short in accounting for individual goals or providing any real support or “aftercare” – which is exactly what sets The Project DXB apart, where results and community are what matter most.

Here’s everything you need to know about this homegrown concept.

The Workout

What’s your project? Is it to run a half marathon, compete in the next Spartan Race, lose excess fat, or maybe deal with stress? Whatever your goals are, The Project DXB has you covered.
This concept combines constantly varied, high-intensity strength and conditioning sessions alongside progressive lifting classes to help you build and tone your body.

The Project DXB
Photo: Courtesy of The Project DXB

Nutritional Guidance

A membership with The Project DXB also includes a nutrition system and software that takes into account each individual’s level and goal before a dedicated nutritionist builds and develops your personal plan. Throughout your experience, regular assessments keep you focused and on track, and updates can be made directly with the coaches.

Support Framework

Support at The Project DXB doesn’t just come from the coaches, but from the other members as well. Whether it’s your first time here or your last set of burpees, you won’t be far from a supportive thumbs-up or words of encouragement. “We really specialize in turning a group of strangers into a team,” explains co-founder Anna Holmes.

The Project DXB 1
Photo: Courtesy of The Project DXB

Community Spirit

When The Project DXB concept was created, the vision of founders Jack Graham and Holmes was to connect people through fitness. With Dubai being a very expat-dominant place, they wanted to give residents somewhere to call their third space, between home and work. “It’s not only a place to train hard but a place to meet and connect with new people who share similar passions,” says Graham.

They regularly provide socially active community events away from the gym. Whether it’s a climbing trip to RAK, a wakeboarding camp in Abu Dhabi, or coming together to hit up the next adventure race together, they encourage all members to get involved, become better versions of themselves, and step out of their comfort zone.

Support also extends beyond the inner community, welcoming anyone who is interested to join and learn at monthly open community beach bootcamps or Project Talks, where different topics are discussed to help people understand how to lead a healthier lifestyle.


To find out more, visit The Project DXB’s website and Instagram account.