Pack Your Bags – We Found the Holistic Haven Where Ayurveda Reigns

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Photo: Courtesy of Luiz Claudio

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic practice of connecting the body and mind for optimal health, is having a resurgence of sorts – and rightfully so. In a world that doesn’t seem to slow down, Ayurveda helps combat the added weight of everyday stresses through mindful equilibrium. With roots dating back to the Vedic period nearly 3,000 years ago, its history is ingrained within India’s culture. Indeed, despite advancements in modern medicine and technology, Ayurveda is still highly regarded as a healing modality in that part of the world — especially in wellness resorts. Blending the dual ideologies of connectedness and balance, it’s a concept with universal appeal that is perhaps more necessary now than ever before.

However, to really understand Ayurveda, one needs to know its key principles. Ayurvedic specialists divide the mind-body types into three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three doshas are a unique combination of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics derived from nature’s elements and can help identify the necessary form of treatment for each individual. Understanding this is necessary to move to the next stage of depleting the body of toxins, both mental and physical, through various treatments. Invigorating massages, physical activity, mental solitude, rest, and a proper diet are just a few of the Ayurvedic prescriptions, but accessing them in a well-rounded setting hasn’t been easy — until now. Requiring a short commitment to the experience, one wellness resort offers all that and more. Hidden in the panoramic hills of Pune, India, the award-winning Atmantan resort goes beyond healing; it transforms. 

Photo: Courtesy of Atmantan

Imagine a land where every hour is golden, rolling hills are all that surrounds, a health oasis is at your fingertips, and no outside stresses can penetrate your bubble. The seemingly distant paradise, unreal in thought, is in fact a bountiful wellness resort where every interaction is greeted with a warm “namaste” and radiant positivity. It is also exactly where many a guest finds themselves in a transformative circumstance: with the opportunity to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. This is where Ayurveda reigns and where one can truly center oneself throughout every aspect of the medical practice.

A wellness resort for the 21st century, Atmantan blends holistic ideology with state-of-the-art technology, making it more than just a getaway or a mere destination; it’s a progressive retreat with none of the pretenses. Sublime in thought and majestic in reality, it is comprised of over 100 luxurious rooms, 23 treatment rooms, and several dining areas that span over 42 acres. 

An idyllic paradise nestled in the Sahyadris with a view of the Mulshi Lake, Atmantan was created with the intent to detoxify and release all outside stresses. Case in point? The common grounds are internet-free zones. With no outside distractions and a staff dedicated to creating a warm ambiance, the primary focus of each stay is on rejuvenation.

Whether you’re looking for a mental, physical, or spiritual detox, the resort will tailor-make a package for you. This includes consultations with the resident experts, amenities addressing each and every aspect of internal and external health, and delicious farm-to-table dining that energizes and invigorates. Here, even sleep is treated as medicine, with multi-layered beds created to optimize sleep and aid in preserving the energy required to take on the next day’s activities.

Photo: Courtesy of Atmantan

Private yoga sessions, numerous fitness classes, sunrise hikes, and body treatments and massages are also available to make your stay just that much more physically nourishing. As a part of the physical healing and detox, balance is restored through invigorating massages delivered by Atmantan’s expertly trained team. The signature ‘Atmantan Massage’ is designed to restore harmony for both the mind and body through crystal recharging, a medley of massage styles, and organic essential oils. By transforming your inner alignment, it helps combat stress while detoxifying the body — all part of the Ayurveda ‘Panchakarma’ experience, a total mind-body rejuvenation. 

To truly benefit the most from this experience, a 14-day visit is recommend, though shorter stays are also available. For those looking for other types of treatments, packages focused on yoga, weight balance, fitness, and holistic health are just a few of those on offer.

For more information or to book a stay at Atmantan, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Atmantan