The Surprising Thing Keeping 20% of Women Away from Exercise

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Reebok PureMove Bra
Photo: Courtesy of Reebok

Whether it’s been an exceptionally long day at work, you didn’t get enough sleep last night, or your workout buddy has bailed on you and you’re too intimidated to go on your own, there are countless reasons we might skip the gym – many of them very valid.

During a workout, we willingly put our bodies through physical stress, which is how we build stamina and stronger muscles, but the added discomfort of not feeling good in our workout clothing is not one that is welcome and is another reason why women will avoid exercise. Indeed, according to new research from Reebok, one in five women are citing this as a reason why they avoid working out. Moreover, 50 percent of women experience breast pain while exercising, and 70 percent of the study’s participants were found to be wearing the wrong bra size. More specific to our region, Reebok looked at a cross-section of 150 Emirati and expat women and found that 30 percent of them claimed to be experiencing breast pain while exercising.

Finding the right support is key, not only because it allows women to exercise without this added discomfort – whether caused by movement, displacement, or friction from wearing an ill-fitting bra – but also because it can also help us care for other breast-related matters in the long run, such as potential sagging due to the pressure placed on skin and the effects of gravity down the line. Beyond this, not wearing the right support during exercise can place unnecessary strain that can affect the suspensory ligaments holding our breasts in place and, considering they are packed with nerve ending, ducts, muscles, and more that enable them to fill with milk and feed children as a basic anatomical function, it’s hardly surprising that this can leave them tender, aching, and perhaps even swollen as a result of suffering from unnecessary stress.

As with many health issues, prevention is often better than cure and, in this case, choosing a sports bra wisely will go a long way. With this in mind, Reebok reimagined its ‘PureMove’ sports bra utilizing cutting-edge technology that enables it to respond and adapt to movement, which means that the level of control and support is customized to each individual woman’s body as she wears it.

How does this work? Reebok’s Innovation Apparel Team and designer Dani Witek employed ‘Motion Sense Technology’ to create a revolutionary design that incorporates a unique fabric used by NASA to protect astronauts from space shrapnel.

The Surprising Thing Keeping 20% of Women Away from Exercise

Its creation wasn’t without challenges. The team behind it had to study the unique movement of breast tissue and figure out how to recreate that same movement pattern, which they did with the help of chemical engineers using a tool called ‘Sheer Thickening Fluid’. Another challenge? Figuring out a way to make the fabric hold up when washed frequently, for instance.

Watch the video below for a glimpse at the making of the revolutionary Reebok ‘PureMove’ bra.

The Surprising Thing Keeping 20% of Women Away from Exercise

The Reebok ‘PureMove Bra’ is available exclusively on and in all Reebok stores in the UAE for AED 310.